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    Capacity Building Workshop on the “Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003 (2003 Convention)” (Closed for applications)

    Time:2018-05-31~2018-06-06 City:Kathmandu, Nepal Application deadline:2018-05-15 16:44:37

    Faciliator: Richenel Crispo Ansano, Sipiriano Dominiko Nemani Ranuku

    Registered trainees: 9 Registered media:2

    Under the framework of “2003 Convention”, the workshop will be held to fully implement and promote the spirit and values of the convention, as well as enhance Nepal’s capacity of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. The courses will be conducted through lectures, group discussions, fieldwork and interaction.

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    Workshop on Developing Safeguarding Plans for Intangible Cultural Heritage(Accepting applications)

    Time:2018-06-05~2018-06-12 City:Lahore, Pakistan Application deadline:2018-05-25 17:53:19

    Faciliator: Ms. Sajida Vandal, Miss Mehreen Mustafa and Mr. Ghiasuddin Pir

    Registered trainees: 4 Registered media:0

    The workshop will invite cultural officials from the ministry and provincial governments, practitioners of intangible cultural heritage, and ICH transmitters in local communities to participate. Necessary steps in designing safeguarding plans for intangible cultural heritage and best practices on developing safeguarding plans will be shared through lectures, a field visit, group discussion and a case study.

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    Capacity Building Workshop: on the Role of Media for Implementation of the UNESCO 2003 Convection for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage(Accepting applications)

    Time:2018-09-01~2018-09-10 City:Darkhan-Uul province, Mongolia Application deadline:2018-08-29 09:28:45

    Faciliator: Mr. Rahul Goswami and Ms. Alexandra Denes

    Registered trainees: 2 Registered media:0


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    course111(Closed for applications)

    Time:2018-02-07~2018-02-12 City:changchun Application deadline:2018-01-31 19:42:37

    Faciliator: yheayh

    Registered trainees: 0 Registered media:0


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    222(Training complete)

    Time:2017-12-11~2017-12-13 City:slkdjf Application deadline:2017-12-15 08:00:00

    Faciliator: swegwe

    Registered trainees: 0 Registered media:0



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