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    Training of National Trainers on Developing Safeguarding Plan for Intangible Cultural Heritage(Closed for applications)

    Time:2019-06-17~2019-06-23 City:Chiang Mai, Thailand Application deadline:2019-06-23 20:49:35

    Faciliator: Alexandra Denes/Linina Phuttitarn

    Registered trainees: 0 Registered media:0

    The DCP, in collaboration with UNESCO Bangkok Office, and with support from CRIHAP, will organize the Training of National Trainers on Developing Safeguarding Plan, from 17th to 23rd June 2019, in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. The 7-day training affirms the main objective of the Convention by building participants’ competences in developing safeguarding plans for ICH elements. The process of developing plans for ICH safeguarding may differ widely depending on the scope of the ICH in question, the domain, the communities concerned, the threats and risks to its viability, and the broader social, political and environmental contexts. This training targets ministry officials, local community members, community-based organizations, researchers and NGOs playing an active role in the safeguarding of ICH. It will also include fieldwork practicum at local communities in Chiang Mai, which allows the trainees to gain first-hand experience.

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    Capacity Building Workshop on the Intangible Cultural Heritage(ICH) Safeguarding Plan and International Assistance Requests(IARs) Development in the pacific(Closed for applications)

    Time:2019-05-13~2019-05-17 City:Nadi, Fiji Application deadline:2019-05-17 15:19:36

    Faciliator: Suzanne OGGE, Meked BESEBES

    Registered trainees: 4 Registered media:0

    The UNESCO Office in Apia suggested that as a pacific country is likewise in urgent need of training workshops under the framework of the Convention, in particular on the theme of "international assistance",in order to further enhance its capacity for implementing the Convention.

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    The Third Training of Trainers Workshop for Central Asia(Training complete)

    Time:2019-04-08~2019-04-12 City:Tashkent, Uzbekistan Application deadline:2019-04-15 18:00:00

    Faciliator: Tamara Nikolic Deric; Aijarkyn Kojobekova

    Registered trainees: 16 Registered media:0

    Considering that the Central Asia is rich in intangible cultural heritage (ICH) resources and Russian is widely used across the region, to develop Russian speaking facilitators in the field of ICH is an important way to improve the ICH safeguarding ability of the region. This is the third Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop to develop Russian speaking facilitators for the Central Asia organized by CRIHAP in close collaboration with UNESCO Almaty Office and Tashkent Office, under great supports and guidance of UNESCO HQs. (The first TOT for the Central Asia was organized in 2017 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and the second in 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan)

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    Workshop on Norminations of the UNESCO 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of Itangible Cultural Heritage(Training complete)

    Time:2018-12-05~2018-12-10 City:Islamabad, Pakistan Application deadline:2018-12-10 14:19:53

    Faciliator: Suzanne Ogge、ZHU Gang

    Registered trainees: 0 Registered media:0

    Upon the request of Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, and National Heritage of Pakistan, to help Pakistan in enhancing its capacity of building on Developing Safeguarding Plans for Intangible Cultural Heritage under the framework of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage , the Workshop on the Nomination of Intangible Cultural Heritage under the ICH Convention is proposed to be organized from 5th to 10th December, 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Considering present situation of the safeguarding of ICH in Pakistan, in the context of Normination for ICH in Pakistan under the framework of the Convention, the Workshop will focus on the issues regarding to techniques of Nomination for ICH through case studies.


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