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    Capacity Building Workshop on ICH Nomination for Indonesia(Accepting applications)

    Time:2022-10-10~2022-10-14 Location:Online Application deadline:2022-10-09 12:47:26

    Faciliator: Paritta Chalermpow Koanantakool Suzanne Ogge Nguyen Thi Hien

    Registered trainees: 20 Registered media:0

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    The Capacity-Building Workshop on ICH for Youth: Second Workshop of the Three-Year Training Programme(Closed for applications)

    Time:2022-08-01~2022-09-05 Location:online Application deadline:2022-07-05 17:12:44

    Faciliator: Ms. Deirdre Prins-Solani Ms. Linina Phuttitarn

    Registered trainees: 105 Registered media:1

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    Capacity-Building Workshop on ICH for China(Closed for applications)

    Time:2021-12-20~2021-12-21 Location:online Application deadline:2021-12-31 10:33:42

    Faciliator: Suzanne Ogge

    Registered trainees: 87 Registered media:0

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    Capacity Building Workshop for Training of Trainers on ICH (the Philippines, online)(Closed for applications)

    Time:2021-12-13~2022-05-31 Location:online Application deadline:2022-05-31 16:35:32

    Faciliator: Ms. Alexandra Denes Ms Linina Phuttitarn

    Registered trainees: 19 Registered media:0

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    Workshop on ICH Safeguarding and Sustainable Development for Youth (Lao PDR))(Training complete)

    Time:2021-10-15~2021-11-06 Location:online+offline Application deadline:2021-10-14 10:30:30

    Faciliator: Paritta Chalermpow Koanantakool Chupinit Kesmanee

    Registered trainees: 34 Registered media:0

    Lao PDR has received previous support from UNESCO to build capacity for relevant stakeholders on various aspects of ICH safeguarding since 2012. However, most of the support has been targeting government stakeholders. Considering the limited capacity for the government agencies to outreach and raise awareness to the public, especially the young generations, this represents a significant gap that CRIHAP support can fulfill. Therefore it is proposed that 2021 CRIHAP to Lao PDR focuses on capacity building for youth on ICH safeguarding, with specific emphasis on its linkages to sustainable development.


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